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Working with communities for a sustainable future, rooted in the past...


Trabajando con comunidades para un futuro sustentable, con raices en el pasado...

MEXECRI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization >

Fund for Rural Emergency Health Clinic in Parangaricutiro

One of the most serious problems confronting rural indigenous communities in Mexico is the lack of basic emergency health services. With an interemittent volunteer Cruz Ambar (Yellow Cross), the county seat of 16,000 people has no reliable emergency services and the emergency vehicle is not equipped with any respiratory or cardiology services or even trained EMTs. The town has no community health clinic for even the most basic emergency. A taxi ride of 1.5-2 hours is the closest emergency care center and many accident, stroke and cardiac victims do not make it. This project is organized by community doctors and will provide basic emergency services principally to children, women and the elderly. Your support is needed to purchase supplies for the emergency vehicle and the clinic equipment (x-ray machine, ultrasound, and surgical tables).


Community Cultural Heritage Museum and Archaeological Research

THE PARANGARICUTIRO COMMUNITY has decided to create a museum where natural and cultural heritage from the unique experience of the Parangaricutiro region can be exhibited.

Surviving the 1943 eruption of the Paricutin volcano in a cornfield was only the first step for this community. They are investing in their 5000 year-old archaeological resources to create an educational and research center that provides opportunities for young and old, national and international visitors to interact with the past and create a sustainable future. The first joint research and education community museum of its kind in Mexico, Nuevo Parangaricutiro needs your support to fund this project. The Community Museum will be housed on the second floor of the Casa de la Cultura (donated by the Municipio of Nuevo Parangaricutiro). The museum will have an education and exhibit area, research area and collection archive. Funding is needed for basic supplies to archive the artifacts, create exhibits, curate and secure the collection. Wooden cabinets will be built and donated by the community.

The Community Museum project is directly connected to MEXECRIs archaeological research. This project involves identification of cultural heritage sites, archaeological excavation, protection of cultural heritage sites, preservation of artifacts and public education. Research will be focused on three major areas: A Late Postclassic site which shows architectural connections to the Lake Pátzcuaro Basin, an ancient (5,000 year old structure) which may be the earliest known in Mesoamerica and the continued study of Prehispanic cliff paintings in an ancient caldera.

This project received start-up funding from The Committee for Research and Exploration (National Geographic), The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies (FAMSI), and the Foundation for Cultural Exploration. We now depend upon public support in order to continue this research. MEXECRI works with the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) in all projects. All participants in the project are volunteer professionals who donate their time and travel. Funding goes for field supplies, transportation in the field, cataloging, curation and studies of artifacts.

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